scarponi snowboard FLUX TX-BOA, Wide 3D Tongue, Memory Foam, Lace Stopper, EZ Fit Cuff
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Send it to the moon and back with the Flux TX Boa Snowboard Boots, a precise and responsive all-mountain freestyle boot built to take you further. Speedy Double Boa lacing makes getting ready a cinch, the CuffCut design increases flexibility, and heat-moldable liners customize the fit for a perfect balance of comfort, response and stability. Grab your black book and find the address for Hucksville USA; in the TX Boa Snowboard Boots, your ride is signed, sealed and delivered.


Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – 7


CuffCut Design – Upper and lower independent boot flex for increased flexibility.

Wide 3D Tongue – Provides a full wrap around the front of your leg for more even pressure.

EZ Fit Cuff – This new design eliminates the gap between your calf and the boot creating a better and easier fit.


F2 Inner – Uses a new cuff closure system, high tech fiber rope and memory foam providing riders with a perfect fit and tight closure.

Asym Cut – The outside (pinky side) and inside (big toe side) have unique stitching patterns that allow for a more natural heel to toe flex.

Memory Foam – Allows the boot to mold to any foot shape or size.

Neo-Toe Panel – The neoprene in the toe portion of the boot works well with various toe shapes and sizes allowing for the boot to conform better to almost anyone.

Fur Cuff – The furr cuff provides a comfortable warm fit for any rider.

Lace Stopper – The compact design allows for easy, secure lacing.

Lacing System

Double Boa – Front and side fine tuning boa dials each control a different section of the boot for a more personalized fit.

H3 Coiler Reel – The H3 Coiler Reel is a cartridge system that recoils when released. Used on the tongue of the boot it controls the upper lacing – push to engage, turn to tighten, pull to release. All boa products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

M3v2 Reel – The M3v2 Coiler Reel is a mid power low profile reel used on the side of the boot to control the lower lacing. All boa products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

HP42ss2 Lace – Flexible, lightweight and strong Boa lace.


BMZ Insole – This patented technology improves balance, allows for ergonomically correct lateral foot movement and keeps your feet warm.


Freestyle Rubber Sole – Designed with street and park style riders, the high grip rubber and the lightwieght material creates the perfect balance.

Additional Features

Aluminum Foil Insulation – Set inside the boot, it reflects the heat trying to escape the boot keeping you feet warm.

Hot Melt Adhesive – TPU adhesive undergoes a heat treated application process which creates an extremely strong bond between materials and improves waterproofing while decreasing weight.

Universal Toe – Compatible with all binding straps and fits any toe shape.


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