sci ATOMIC NOMAD SAVAGE TI, partial TWINTIP, adaptive rocker + Atomic XTO 12
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Atomic XTO 12
Unisex / Uomo
Tipo di sci:
Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / Pista
Tipo di sciatore:
Ricreativo / Avanzato / Esperto
Lunghezza degli sci:
168; 177;
132-93-118 (168cm); 134-93-120 (177cm);
17 (168cm); 18 (177cm);
93 (168cm); 93 (177cm);

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The Atomic Savage Ti Skis are all-mountain performance skis that are also capable of delivering sheer pleasure off-piste. Thanks to the Step Down sidewall construction and additional titanium inserts, the skier's power is directly transferred to the slope, allowing the skier to control the ski with even greater precision. A 93 mm waist width allows the Savage Ti to deliver optimum lift, turning any foray in powder snow into an exhilarating adventure. The Adaptive Rocker further optimizes lift, while maximizing the effective edge length during edging on the slope. Vibrations and impacts are absorbed by the tip-to-tail wood core. The Savage Ti is ideal for athletic skiers who always like to be well equipped for both piste and powder.

-Adaptive Rocker shape allows for easy, forgiving turn initiation and predictable all-mountain handling when weighted and when edged up the Savage Ti delivers full contact length. Camber underfoot provides stability and snap.

-Step Down Sidewall construction helps manage the power of the Savage Ti, allowing the tip and tail to be slightly forgiving without giving up stability or edge hold.

-Full wood core with a titanium layer makes the Savage Ti torsionally very stiff for amazing edge hold but keeps it lightweight with a snappy response.


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