tavola snowboard ROSSIGNOL ANGUS RSB, WOODCORE, sidewall, CAMBER/rocker
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Rocker / Camber

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The Rossignol Angus Snowboard is served medium-well, with a large side of surfy playful turns, and lightly garnished with a burly flex pattern. We recommend pairing this fine cut with a nice day of sun-soaked front country shredding, but it also goes exquisitely with a bottomless glass of low-density pow. But you better bring your appetite, because this hearty snowboard is a one-meal wonder that will satisfy all of your snowboard cravings. It does it all with gumption and gusto: hardpack, soft snow, technical lines and just goofing around. Bon appétit!

Rocker Type

AmpTek All-Mountain Rocker – AmpTek All-Mountain features softer tips and a stiffer waist with 40% camber between the feet for powerful edge grip and stability, and 60% rocker at the tip and tail and forgiveness for effortless freeride versatility.


Flex Rating 8 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – Mid-stiff flex for a stable blend of power and forgiveness for all-mountain freestyle riding.


All-Mountain Twin – Symmetrical flex, stiff under feet for punch and grip, and stiffer waist for stability at high speed.

RadCut – A traditional sidecut between the inserts fuses with multiple reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail, providing real time sidecut adjustment to the ride, ie. longer when faster, shorter when slower, and delivering the perfect cut at all times. RadCut is offered in multiple versions, each tailored for individual riding styles. More aggressive sidecut blends deliver quicker, livelier turns, while smoother sidecuts offer a more fluid, relaxed ride.


Wood CK S/-Tips

FSC Certified Wood 6420 – Rossignol's standard wood core features a single type of wood vertically laminated to give you durability and comfort without breaking the bank. 100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests.


Carbon – Combining high flexibility with high tensile strength, low weight, high resistance and low thermal expansion makes carbon fibers the perfect pick for explosive pop.

Aramid – Also known as Kevlar®, acts as a vibration dampener that softens rough landings. Durable, strong and extremely lightweight, Kevlar® is often used in ballistic body armor.

Glass Fiber – Has greater elongation before break than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it the #1 choice for customized flex and torsional resistance. Glass fiber also stabilizes the mechanical properties of wood cores over time.


ABS Sidewalls – Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.


Sintered 7500

Roller BC Base – An industry-first, Rossignol's Roller technology raises the edges of the snow by milling the core of the board. The BC Roller raises the edges off 1mm of the snow at 2° tilt along the entire running length delivering ultra-smooth edge-to-edge transitions and super-surfy floatation in pow. Floats like a wide yet turns like a narrow.


5S Serrated Edge Technology – Exclusive 5S Serrated Edge Technology offers five smaller points of edge contact (one between the inserts and two on either side of the inserts), expanding grip to once unreachable areas of the board for increased stability and edge hold with a smoother, less aggressive feel.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern + Setback – Micro adjust your stance for more leverage. You can make more aggressive turns and float easily through powder by setting your stance back or put it in the middle for cruising through the park.